Unique Coffee Table Review

Unique coffee tables are among the most versatile furniture pieces in the home or office.  They cannot be overlooked because they are the main attraction in the living room, office lounge, or in the outdoor patio.  On the other hand, real wood coffee table designs have undergone massive changes through the years due to the types of materials used for unique coffee tables construction.  From the traditionally designed up to the contemporary, they have continued to evolve even at present giving the way for the development of unique coffee tables.

You may be bored of conventional table designs and may be looking for one that is totally different from the rest.  You want best price coffee table that are highly functional and sophisticated looking.  Or you may prefer to add some special features.  If so, there are various ones that combine beauty, functionality, sophistication, and uniqueness.  The good news is you can find unique coffee tables in the internet that have affordable prices.

The Magnussen Darien Rectangular Lift-Top Coffee Table

If you are tired of slouching when reaching for your favorite cup of coffee, this unique coffee table is the right one for you.  It has a top that can be lifted about 8 inches high.  You can place coffee, beverages, and snack foods on it, enabling you to reach them comfortably.  When not in use, this unique coffee table top can be put in place by just pushing it downwards.  At first glance, this table is often mistaken for a conventional one because its mechanism is hardly noticeable.  In addition, unique coffee tables contemporary design is highlighted with its burnt umber finish, resulting in a long-lasting sheen that will surely catch the eye of your home or office guests.  This unique coffee table’s sturdy top is made up of quartered ash veneer and hardwood solids.   In addition, there is a central shelf for books and magazines as well as four cabinets on the table’s base.  The dimension of this unique coffee table is 48 inches in length, 28 inches in width, and 19 inches in height.  It weighs heavy at 164 pounds but is truly a masterpiece in the making.  Made by Magnussen Home which is one of America’s leading furniture manufacturers, this unique coffee table is sold for $407.58 and is backed up with a limited-timed warranty.

The Opulent Items Fish Tank Coffee Table

For people who love magnificent views of aquatic life, this nice coffee tables is the perfect addition for their home.  This is actually a fully functional aquarium with a beveled glass top.  The sides and top are transparent to allow unobstructed views of fishes and other organisms.  Blue colored gravel is spread at the bottom and a florescent lamp is built into the table base.  The translucent bottom of these unique coffee tables complements both, resulting in a soothing blue colored light that gives the impression of seafloor environment.  The water pump is integrated at the base of the table and is well hidden.  To feed the fish, food is poured in a two-inch opening at the glass-covered table top of this unique coffee table.  The entire glass top can be removed for cleaning and decorating the tank.  The height of this table is 15.5 inches, the width is 24 inches, and its depth is also 24 inches.  It has a capacity of 25 gallons of water.

The Unique Heritage Wood Accents Round Storage Coffee Table

This fancy coffee table is one of the high quality coffee table that you can find in the market today.  This is a round table that is made from solid Indian rosewood.  Its top is actually a two-portioned cover that conceals a chest where you can put your books and magazines.  The table top and sides are decorated with dozens of round brass dimples that are nailed to the structure. The heavy solid wood coffee table has a reddish brown finish due to the application of varnish that results in a rustic, traditional, and Asian appearance.  To ensure durability and craftsmanship, these unique coffee tables has no veneers.  It is 100% handmade, hand polished, seasoned, and treated by Sierra Living Concepts.  This brings out the natural shade of the Indian rosewood.  The diameter of these unique coffee tables is 25 inches, has a 25 inch deep base, and has a height of 15 inches.

The Howard Miller Ravenna Floor Clock/Table

The room and board coffee table is a stunningly unique coffee table because it is a clock and table in one.  Beneath its round glass top lies a large analog clock that can be seen by everyone.  The golden highlighted metal frame of the said quartz battery operated clock is integrated with the table frame.  This furniture piece is impressive because the table legs have burnished umber color, are stylishly curved, and exude an antique appearance.  Having a height of 17.5 inches and a diameter of 40 inches, these unique coffee tables is manufactured by Howard Miller, an American company based in Michigan.

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