Small Kitchen Design Ideas

To start, having a small kitchen will ignite a lot of creativity and ingenuity on your part. You must choose every element and detail that you place in the room wisely to maintain an orderly appearance and keep the work as convenient as possible. You may be surprised to learn that most people actually have small kitchens but still manage well.

Proven and proven ideas:

The new appliances will help create symmetry and organization in your small kitchen. Look for energy-saving and energy efficient spaces to maximize your work space and budget. Built-in appliances, such as ovens, are very ideal in a small kitchen so you have more floor space. Compact models for microwave ovens, blenders and the like are also good, which you can store in top cabinets when you have finished using them. Make sure the refrigerator is large enough to accommodate common perishable products but not too large to overwhelm the kitchen. Wine coolers can also be useful if you have additional space.

Another proven idea for your small kitchen would be to increase the countertop space. This increases your work area so you can avoid unwanted clutter and improve the work triangle. Try to increase areas not covered or occupied by appliances with countertops. Try to make them deep enough so you can work very comfortably and efficiently. Countertops can also serve as temporary waiting areas for common items such as pots, pans and cutting boards.

You need as much storage space as you can have in a small kitchen, so add as many cabinets as you can. These will serve as containment areas for dishes, utensils and small appliances. Aim at the depth to fit more items. You can install hanging and wall cabinets depending on the design of your kitchen. Align the cabinets with the corresponding appliances. Its objective is to minimize work or distance from one point to another when performing tasks. Drop-down pantry, sliding shelves, built-in storage and independent models are also good depending on your space. You can also see Unique Coffee Table Review.

Design tips:

Light is very important in a small kitchen, as well as color. So much light is passed through the windows, doors and a skylight to provide the illusion of space. It also makes your job easier. When choosing paint, make sure it complements other shades present in the room, especially if it has a lot of hardwood. Aim for nice and complementary colors for the ceiling and floors as well. Choose tiles that can help make the room appear wider and avoid roof mold that tends to trap and limit space.

A small work area needs to be kept clean all the time to avoid a messy appearance. Invest in a large sink where you can place large pots and pans to wash them. A large trash can in one corner will help keep debris out of countertops. Wire baskets will provide additional storage space for smaller items for easy location, apart from cabinets and pantries. When installing a tile dashboard on the walls above the sink, the counters and the kitchen will clean up the messes, as you can easily clean them with a damp towel. Feel free to add accessories to make the kitchen look more attractive. However, avoid too many or run the risk of getting a narrow appearance. Glass and stainless steel materials with high shapes are recommended.


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