How To Remove Pubic Hair Permanently At Home

There are many reasons why people consider pubic hair removal from their bodies. Some people enjoy the sensual feeling that a shaved pubic region gives them, as their panties glide across the sleek surface of the pubic mound, and a very enjoyable sensation follows.

If pubic hair removal is not done properly, however, the pleasurable sensations will not last long, and pubic hair removal recipients will be faced with the possibility of a itchy pubic region and ingrown hairs that have a tendency to be very painful at times. There is no reason to despair about the infirmities that come with pubic hair removal, because there are treatments available for ingrown hairs, razor burn and for the razor bumps that form a few days after an improperly finished shave.

Some of the methods that people use for pubic hair removal are wet shaving their pubic hair region, and dry shaving techniques. Any of these treatments will work fine, if you know how to do them properly, or they are done by a licensed facility.

There is a lot of satisfaction to be found from pubic hair removal, but only if you know how to take care of the pubic area properly after pubic hair removal treatments are done.

To avoid ingrown hairs during the wet shaving pubic hair process, you will need to start by trimming the genital hair short, before you begin to use a razor. You will have far better results with an electric shaver or clippers and trimmers than you will have with a pair of household scissors. These devices are used on many projects in the home and the pubic hair region should not be one of them.

It is always a good idea to become accustomed to wearing short hair in your pubic region before taking the step that removes it entirely. Some people find that they do not like the feeling, and going further would be a big mistake. It is a good practice to soak your pubic hair in a warm shower before you shave to soften the hairs up.

The best way to wet shave is to shave in the direction that the hair grows. A lubricant should be used, but instead of soap, use shaving foam, a shaving gel or cream to lather up your pubic hair for shaving. It is best if you do not repeatedly shave over the same area. A few strokes will remove hair, and trying to get a close shave by changing shaving directions is not recommended.

Exfoliating the public hair removal site will remove dead skin and keep the pores from becoming clogged which leads to infection and ingrown hairs. Before you use electric trimmers, the pubic hair region should be completely dry. All of the preparations for a wet shave will still apply, but you will use talcum power on the pubic hair before pubic hair removal is done.

It’s important to keep the blades away from the skin surface. This will prevent nicks and pulling from occurring. Baby oil and aloe Vera can be used to moisturize the freshly shaven pubic hair removal site. Avoid moisturizers that have any type of fragrance. Talcum powder can be used to absorb oils on the skin, but should be removed completely after shaving. Shave once a week, and you will not have any adverse affects from pubic hair removal.

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